Hello All,
All going well, DCPG SE NSW (Dexter Group) committee plan to hold a Group meeting/social event in Michelago on Sunday 20th March. (A No Vax, No Entry policy applies).
The address is 10 Horseshoe Lane, which is on the right, exactly 2km down Micalago Rd from the highway and is the only house on Horseshoe Lane. Phone Fran Weir, 0418 685 809
As was always, BYO for midday lunch, followed by short, probably very short, official meeting to open at 12.45, followed by social information sharing about all things Dexter, cattle and farming generally.
Tea, coffee and cake for afternoon tea will be provided. Please byo if you have special requirements.
Non-member interested folk, are also welcome to join us.
Margaret Weir
Secretary, DCPG SE NSW

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