A Market for Dexter Beef

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR DEXTER CATTLE – ESTABLISHING A MARKET FOR BEEF Margaret Weir: Wagra Dexter Cattle – Bendoc, Victoria INTRODUCTION. I wrote this page to share my experience with selling Dexter beef direct to consumers. My qualification for giving this

Wagra in Drought

(Click for larger image) Far-East Gippsland is in the grip of the worst drought in the history of Wagra. In the drought of 2007, the grass was higher than Graham’s waist. Our spring system didn’t dry up at all over the 14

Breeding Wisdom.

Hello Folks, Lesa Kinnamon Reid has given me permission to reprint her post from an on-line site. Her type is in italic. Thank you Lesa. Very well said. This. THIS right here should not be ignored. And here’s why: There is no

Catching Up

Being on DCAI Council for the past four years and President for one of those years took up a fair bit of my time but I have to say I really enjoyed that experience, and thank you to those Members who voted

Wagra Dexters are DCAI registered!

There seems to have been a lot of talk and confusion about the introduction of another Dexter registry but it is all very simple really. You get what you pay for! I am doubtful that many livestock breeders would prefer an association

I don’t get it!

Since the mid-to-late 1980s I read and re-read all the very early material, bought all the Dexter books available, picked the brains of Dexter heavyweights of various and conflicting persuasions across the globe, scoured the herdbooks of various nationalities, I see Dexter

Boutique Beef

In order to become a Dexter breeder on any scale, especially for those new to the field and/or those looking for the ‘tree-change’, it is necessary to firstly realise and accept that there needs to be a market for the by-products (meat,

Wagra Sires

Amazing how things just slot into place occasionally! As always looking to the next generation of calves, needing to rein the type back into line having experienced a slight deviation in consistency as a result of our effort to establish a wider